A CO2 emissions accounting framework with market-based incentives for Cloud infrastructures

SMARTGREENS, International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems, Porto, Portugal

Conference was on April 2017
Accepted as short paper


David Margery, David Guyon, Anne-C├ęcile Orgerie, Christine Morin, Gareth Francis, Charaka Palansuriya and Kostas Kavoussanakis


CO2 emissions related to Cloud computing reach nowadays worrying levels, without any reduction in sight. Often, Cloud users, asking for virtual machines, are not aware of such emissions which concern the entire Cloud infrastructures and are thus difficult to split into the actual resources utilization, such as virtual machines. We propose a CO2 emissions accounting framework giving flexibility to the Cloud providers, predictability to the users and allocating all the carbon costs to the users. This paper shows the architecture of our accounting framework and ideas on how to practically implement it.